Design of the Antihypothermi Warmer Device For Post Operating Hypothermi Patients In Recovery Room

  • Nasrullah Wilu tono Poltekkes Kemenkes Banjarmasin
  • Agus Rahmadi Poltekkes Kemenkes Banjarmasin
  • Muhammad Rasyid Poltekkes Kemenkes Banjarmasin


Abstrack                  Postoperative hypothermia greatly interferes with patient comfort in the recovery process. The cause of hypothermia is that the operating room and recovery room have a low temperature. Postoperative hypothermia may also occur due to open wounds, muscle activity, inhalation of cold gases, infusion of cold fluids, medicinal agents (bronchodilators, phenothiacins, anesthetics), old age, and neonates. The body will carry out a heat dissipation mechanism when the body is exposed to cold temperatures (by radiation, convection, conduction and evaporation). Several methods are used to treat postoperative hypothermia, including setting the temperature of the operating room, providing warm mattresses, warm infusions, warm humidifiers and using lamps.               The design objective of this antihypothermi warmer device is to increase the air temperature of the chamber with the heater blower method using a heating element connected to a dynamo motor and fan using PLN's electrical energy supply. Increasing the temperature chamber will be useful to increase the body temperature of patients who experience hypothermia after undergoing a surgical process which is characterized by decreased body temperature and shivering.               The results of testing antihypothermi warmer device, the tool is activated within 60 minutes, with a temperature setting of 24°C, according to the operating room temperature standard. Every 10 minutes an increase in chamber temperature is recorded and the result is that the antihypothermic device succeeds in increasing the chamber temperature by an average of 45°C. To increase the temperature to 45°C, it takes 8 minutes.   Keywords: hypothermia, temperature, warmer, recovery room
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